Traditional English Baking - Oxfords Bakery
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Traditional English Baking

Location – The original Victorian bake house, Oxfords Bakery, Alweston, DT9 5JR

More dates will be coming in Autumn 2024!



About our Traditional English Baking course:


Our most popular course, attended by people of all abilities.

Taught by Steve Oxford, this excellent and fun filled day takes you through the history of the bakery, the industry and the products that represent the beautiful British bakes and buns we should all be so proud of.

We will learn:


  • How to weigh, mix, knead,  ferment, mould, prove and bake our own amazing creations..
  • An understanding of long fermentation and its benefits.
  • Understanding of yeasts and the role of each ingredient.
  • How to make a selection of fantastic breads, buns, scones and the amazing Oxfords original Dorset Lardy Cake!
What to bring:


  • Apron (clean!)
  • Box or bag for your goodies
You will go home with:


  • Recipes and notes
  • An absolute shed load of baked goods
  • Confidence and experience to be able to bake again with ease!


Cost £99


For our Bakery school cancellation policy Terms & Conditions, click here.