Super Sourdough - Oxfords Bakery
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Super Sourdough

Location – The original Victorian bake house, Oxfords Bakery, Alweston, DT9 5JR


More dates will be coming in Autumn 2024!


About our Super Sourdough course:


Our super sourdough courses usually run on the last Sunday of each month.

We begin with a gentle mix and knead, and learn the theory behind wild Yeast and how this benefits the bread making process.

This course is very enjoyable for  all abilities. But tailored for beginner and intermediate.

Course size 8

We will learn:


  • How to make a traditional pain de campagne
  • How to make a pain au levain
  • How to make a starter.
  • How to refresh and maintain your starter
  • Why sourdough is easy to digest and nutritionally superior to any other kind of bread
  •  The role of salt in sourdough
  • How sourdough behaves, and recognise how the dough behaves, so you can make a really great loaf every time you bake.
What to bring:


  • Apron (clean!)
  • Jam jar
  • Box or bag for your goodies
You will go home with:


  • A sourdough starter
  • Recipes and notes
  • A bagful of amazing sourdough bread!


Cost £99


For our Bakery school cancellation policy Terms & Conditions, click here.