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About Us

Oxford’s are a 4th generation, traditional, artisan English bakery.

What we do

We are the original artisan bakery. A place where you can get a beautiful sourdough made using stoneground organic flour, at the same time as choosing which Dorset Lardy Cake you’d like to take home!
We’ve been baking since 1911, during world wars, supermarket dominance and through times where baking was, well, just not fashionable.
We’ve harnessed the skills and techniques that other bakeries crave, to give you a premium quality product, from a bakery with real heritage.
We also only use untreated, unbleached flour. The wheat for our flour is predominantly U.K. Grown, some sourced from as little as 20 miles of the bakery!

About our bakery

The bakery itself has been standing for well over 200 years.
Frank and Olive Oxford bought the village bakehouse in Alweston, near Sherborne, and they began our journey in September of 1911.
The ovens we use today were installed in 1921. Our largest dough mixer, the last working one of its kind anywhere in the world, is 75 years old.
The terracotta tiled floors and whitewashed walls are a step back in time, but the dedicated bakers and skills learnt from generations past, within these walls, are what carry us ahead into the future.

More than just bread

Find out about the services we offer here at Oxford’s.
Think beyond a sandwich

Our ‘in bakery’ deli offers delicious lunches. With a great selection of local produce, accompanied by our finest baked goods you can feast on quiches and savouries, falafel wraps, grilled halloumi flatbreads and amazing salads and soups. We make our own sandwich fillings and pride ourselves on the amazing vegetarian and vegan offerings we have begun to produce.

Our brilliant barista coffee

We pride ourselves, with fully barista trained staff, on serving the best flat white you’ll get from a bakers, it was never our area of expertise up until now, but we’ve had to adapt, like so many times during our many decades of business, to provide people with a product that they will remember.

Courses at Oxford’s baking academy

We have been teaching bread baking classes for decades, to schools of children, as well as the thousands of adults, keen to learn what nearly became a dying craft.

We run a regular schedule of courses, throughout the year, with various bakers and  teachers.

Public speaking and Demos

4th generation baker Steve Oxford, known throughout the industry as the original ‘on stage baker’, offers engaging talks and demos. From small groups in village halls to after dinner speeches and large corporate events. Steven has the ability to engage with crowds and present his passion for what we do.

For enquiries please contact us – 01963 23214

Email – oxfordsbakery@gmail.com


Book a bakery course

Lamination Day

Super Sourdough

Traditional English

Family Baking Day

New course dates for 2021

Traditional English

Wednesday 10th March 2021

12pm – 6pm



Saturday 13th March 2021

12pm – 4pm



Sunday 14th March 2021

10am – 2pm


Bookings can be made in groups of 4 or individually, via the website here, or we can take block bookings for bespoke courses and corporate days via email as well.


We aim to be the only baking academy in the south of England where you are able to get national and vocational baking qualifications.


The courses we offer here are accessible for all, from complete novices to those who are used to a little flour on their fingertips.


They are fun, informative and, best of all, give you the confidence and experience you need to be able to make top class bakery produce, from your own home using your own kitchen!

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    Talk to us

    We are passionate about providing you with Dorset’s finest freshly baked goods.

    Call our shops:


    01963 23214
    Office hours 9am – 2pm for all enquiries

    34a Cheap Street

    01935 812642
    9am – 5pm Office hours for all Orders

    Canford Cliffs

    01202 701700
    8am – 6pm

    41 Bridge Street

    01258 473624
    8am – 4pm

    35 South Street 

    01305 756006

    Monday – Friday 8am – 5:30pm
    Saturday 8am – 4:30pm
    Sunday 9am – 4pm

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