Doughnut workshop - Oxfords Bakery
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Doughnut workshop

Location – The original Victorian bake house, Oxfords Bakery, Alweston, DT9 5JR
Suitable for budding bakers of all abilities
Simple Ingredients and a little method are all that’s required to create an Oxford’s classic!
Great fun with a friend or relative!
Teacher: Steve Oxford
Time 10-2
We will learn:


  • Learn enriched doughs and how to make amazing fillings, enabling you to create amazing doughnuts at home should you ever feel the need!
What to bring:


  • Apron (clean!)
  • Box or bag for your goodies
You will go home with:
  • Doughnuts
  • Course notes and recipes
  • A smile on your face and a full tum.


Cost £69


For our Bakery school cancellation policy Terms & Conditions, click here.